Chelsea Top Shops & Services


Address: 542 West 22nd Street
Phone: 212-206-0872

Despite the trippy interior, Balenciaga fashions are actually not all that radical. With a nice selection of mainstream designers and business casual clothes, this is a fun place to shop for a wardrobe of basics with a touch of panache.

Barney's Co-Op

Address: 236 West 18th Street
Phone: 212-593-7800

If you thought Barney's uptown was hot and trendy, the downtown Co-op is all that and more, for less. Designer fashions for women and men that spotlight the latest and greatest names, from Prada and Helmut Lang to Zegna and Miu-Miu, if anyone on Sex and the City has worn it or heard of it, chances are it's here in this store, somewhere.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Address: 620 Sixth Avenue
Phone: 212-255-3550

This is the original Manhattan outpost of this one-stop shopping mecca. Anything and everything in the way of bedding and home supplies can be found somewhere in this home emporium. Sort of the fast food of household goods, if you need a full-length mirror, measuring cups or a shower curtain, they've got it.

Best Buy

Address: 60 West 23rd Street
Phone: 212-366-1373

This big-box electronics store recently moved into town, bringing a goodly selection of mainstream brands at excellent prices. They also carry a fair assortment of popular DVDs and CDs. Service is iffy and the selection pretty middle-of-the-road, but for well-priced basics, you just can't miss.


Address: 144 West 18th Street
Phone: 646-336-8188

For those who prefer a simple, modern look, but shun the simpler times of Ikea, BoConcept is a gift from heaven. This Danish manufacturer offers great-looking, functional stuff for urban dwellings. The genuinely comfortable sofabeds have developed a cultish following.

Bowery Kitchen Supplies

Address: 75 Ninth Avenue
Phone: 212-376-4982

Get whisked away at this commercial-grade cooking shop fit for the professional or adventurous novice. Many folks consider this the best source for cooking supplies in the city. Their extensive inventory ranges from pots and pans to the kitchen sink.

Burgundy Wine Company

Address: 143 West 26th Street
Phone: 212-691-9092

It's all in the name. Focused on burgundies and burgundies alone, this wine shop has an incomparable selection within its area of specialty. The loft-like store has an intelligent display of wines and a knowledgeable staff that knows the subtleties of their business.

Charles P. Rogers

Address: 55 West 17th Street
Phone: 212-675-4400

For over a century, Charles P. Rogers has been the place to go if you like your beds intricate and metal. Custom crafted from wrought iron and brass, there are a few contemporary designs, but most have been crafted the same way for over a century and exemplify pure Victorian style.

Chelsea Flower Market

Address: 75 Ninth Avenue
Phone: 888-727-7887

If you can wax poetic on the profound differences between a floribunda and an old English rose, then you will absolutely adore this place. Here you'll find everything from paper whites and Asian lilies to exotic orchids and peonies with a fine selection of fresh-imported exotics like birds of paradise for those who like their flowers on the wild side. The service is sort of sketchy, but the selection is unbelievable.

Chelsea Wine Vault

Address: 75 Ninth Avenue
Phone: 212-462-4244

Whether you're an expert or a happy idiot when it comes to wine, this may be your place. The dimly lit space is filled with a great selection of bottles from various regions abroad and domestic. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but kindly disposed to the non-wine buffs in need of a bit of assistance in what kind of grape is right for Chinese take-out.

Haas Company

Address: 11 West 25th Street
Phone: 212-242-2044

One of the lesser-known cookware suppliers in the city, many home chefs swear by it. The selection of commercial-grade pans, knives and other kitchen necessities is quite good. In addition, the service is excellent.


Address: 89 Seventh Avenue
Phone: 212-929-4880

This place has been supplying moderately-priced modern furnishings to Manhattanites for years. The styles and dimensions are ideally suited for the urban lifestyle. From cheap to expensive, from a vase to a couch, hunt carefully and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Krups Kitchen and Bath

Address: 11 West 18th Street
Phone: 212-243-5787

If you've ever found yourself wondering how a kitchen could cost over $100,000, these folks will show you how. For those who take their cooking seriously, this is the place to buy stainless steel and ceramic-laden appliances, convection ovens, double sinks and more. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but exceedingly courteous and down-to-earth.

La Cafetiere

Address: 160 Ninth Avenue
Phone: 646-486-0667

This kitsch kitchen shop stocks everything from utensils to serious appliances. Offering a charming selection of household accessories primarily from France, they also have a few scattered linens and home accessories strewn about.

Metro Bicycles

Address: 546 Sixth Avenue
Phone: 212-255-5100

The Hudson River esplanade has led many a happy biker to wheel their way from Chelsea to the southern tip of Manhattan. If you are sadly bikeless, help is on the way. Bikes and trikes for dudes and tykes, they've got it all, from the mountain variety to the run-of-the-mill 10-speeder.


Address: 40 East 19th Street
Phone: 212-796-6926

This modern furniture mecca, based in Miami (with an outpost in NYC), prides itself on cutting edge pieces at a fraction of the cost at other stores. If a minimalist, trendy hotel-esque vibe is your thing, this sleek furniture inclined store is calling your name.

Noir et Blanc

Address: 7 West 25th Street
Phone: 212-627-1750

No, the clothes at this women's shop aren't all black and white, despite the store's name. Noir carries several different domestic and European lines, including Ghost. They also feature a better than usual selection of scarves, jewelry and other accessories.

Olde Good Things

Address: 124 West 24th Street
Phone: 212-989-8401

Four full floors of fabulous vintage elements removed from old New York homes. This is the granddaddy of architectural salvage in the city. From mantles to tin ceilings to stained glass panels or even a Church steeple, you never know what you're likely to dig up in this fabulous place. Be ready to spend a little time in the trenches. A crystal doorknob can be awfully hard to find when it's stuck down the drain of a claw foot tub.

Parke and Ronen

Address: 176 Ninth Avenue
Phone: 212-989-4245

A great boutique for both women's and men's fashion, they feature designers like Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel. With an emphasis on high quality, form-fitting clothes with a clean tailored look, they have developed a loyal following. The staff is also particularly friendly in a non-pushy way.

Printed Matter

Address: 535 West 22nd Street
Phone: 212-925-0325

Part book store, part gallery, the two components often overlap especially when it comes to their exhibit/sale of limited edition handmade artist books. Rather than focusing on paintings or sculptures, the works here are usually books, prints or objects modified by the artists. Hot-shot young artist, Ryan McGinness, recently displayed items for sale here.

The Daily Blossom

Address: 236 West 27th Street
Phone: 212-633-9000

This exceptional florist is available by appointment only. Run by Saundra Parks, The Daily Blossom is known for creating unique, innovative arrangements with an emphasis on exotic flowers and design. A favorite among top galleries and those looking for something different for their gala event, if you can name at least four types of orchids by Latin genus, you've found yourself a florist.