Lower East Side Cafes & Bakeries

Doughnut Plant

Address: 379 Grand Street
Phone: 212-505-3700

Although they've been around for decades, ask many of the old-timers in this neighborhood and they will refer to this doughnut place as the new kid on the block. This Lower East Sider has grown a die-hard following as the source for the fabulous, mega-doughnuts you buy for a mini-fortune at Dean & Deluca, Citarella and Zabar's. Varieties run from banana pecan to valrohna chocolate. And believe me, they're better fresh.

Eileen's Special Cheesecake

Address: 17 Cleveland Place
Phone: 212-966-5585
Website: eileenscheesecake.com

A little slice of heaven for true cheesecake aficionados, these incredibly tasty cakes come in a mind-blowing assortment of flavors and varieties, including cookies & cream, strawberry, banana and pumpkin. They also come in several different sizes. If you have a loved one across the states in dire need of a cheesy cake, fear not, they offer domestic shipping.

Kosar's Bialys

Address: 367 Grand Street
Phone: 212-473-4810
Website: www.kossarsbialys.com

Kosar's has been making bialies for decades, offering an outstanding selection of classic varieties, like garlic and onion. Not a glimmer of trendiness has seeped through these old walls. This places bakes up bialies the way your grandmother would have made them, if she had been so inclined.