Park/Fifth Ave. to 79th St. Nightlife

Bemelmans Bar

Address: 35 East 76th Street
Phone: 212-744-1600

Right across the hall from the famous caf¿, this timeless hotel bar is often overlooked. That's a real shame, since the drinks and ambiance make this place a real winner. As classic as it gets, this is the quintessential east side hotel bar.

Cafe Carlyle

Address: 35 East 76th Street
Phone: 212-744-1600

A New York classic. Get out your best duds and relax to the tunes of Bobby Short or other world-class musicians. Woody Allen has also been known to sit in on the occasional set, clarinet in tow. Expensive, but worth it, this is a true New York experience.

J.G. Melon

Address: 1291 Third Avenue
Phone: 212-744-0585

This place has been feeding the Izod crowd since before the Preppy handbook gave them a quasi-identity. The burgers still hold up, and it's always a safe bet for a quick meal. Between the throngs of regulars and the crowded bar, it can get a little loud. But, hey, that's part of its charm. Love it or hate it, J.G. Mellon is part of the very fabric of the Upper East Side.

Subway Inn

Address: 143 East 60th Street
Phone: 212-752-6500

Considered one of New York's most authentic dive bars, this place has been around since 1933. In fact, the only thing that's changed is a few more wrinkles on the faces of the hardened old-timers that line the bar stools. With its venerable history, it has been featured in the New York Times as a true throwback to the past.

The Library

Address: 540 Park Avenue
Phone: 212-339-4050

Another great hotel bar, this place is designed to feel like a European salon. The interior features easy chairs and book-lined shelves. Catering to a mixed crowd, it attracts everyone from business execs brokering big deals to sports fans trying to catch the score on the flat-screen TV.

The Metropolitan Museum Rooftop Garden Bar

Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-535-7710

It's hard to beat the experience of sipping champagne as you gaze out across Central Park at the New York skyline. The fact that you're doing it standing atop one of the world's greatest museums is even more remarkable. Open only during the warm-weather months.