Park/Fifth Ave. to 79th St. Top Shops & Services

Classic Party Rentals

Address: 336 W 37th St # 205
Phone: 212-752-7661

For those who prefer to be more hands-on in their event planning, Triserve is there to help. Whatever you need, they will find and deliver it to your venue, on time. From chairs, tables and silverware to stoves, tents, pianos or even party floats, they will make sure you get what you're looking for.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Address: 1011 Third Avenue
Phone: 646-735-0078

Ahhhh. Located beside Bloomingdales, this store is a sugary blast for young and old alike who are itching for a sucrose-laden hit. Two full floors of assorted candies, including some you thought they stopped making. There are also designer M&Ms, jelly beans in more flavors than there are American states and a working soda fountain on the first floor that whips up a mean ice cream sundae.

Fellan Florist

Address: 1040 Third Avenue
Phone: 212-421-3567

Since 1927, this family-owned florist has been creating exquisite, fresh arrangements for small to large scale events. Relocating to the Trump Plaza in 1994, they remain committed to furnishing your intimate to gala function with custom floral designs to meet any desired look or theme.

French Sole

Address: 985 Lexington Avenue
Phone: 212-737-2859

This store specializes in modified ballet slippers that are as delicate as they are rugged and street-worthy. Those who wear them swear they are the most comfortable shoes on the market. If you think pointy spiky heels are for masochistic freaks, this might be the place for you.

Le Decor Francais

Address: 1006 Lexington Avenue
Phone: 212-734-0032

This small shop is overflowing with wonderful European artifacts for those who wish to add a European accent to their home design. Silks and fabrics blend happily with candle holders and custom furnishings. Traditionalist to country rustic in aesthetic, this place packs in an elegant, devoted crowd.