Riverside Dr./West End Ave. Restaurants

Boat Basin Cafe

Address: Boat Basin Cafe
Phone: 212-496-5542
Website: www.boatbasincafe.com

Enjoy a drink as you watch the boats drift by and the sun fade into the Hudson. The setting, right on the river by the boat basin, makes this place a hot spot when the weather is fine. Sadly, it's only open from April through October.

Murray's Sturgeon

Address: 2429 Broadway
Phone: 212-724-2650
Website: www.murrayssturgeon.com

A bona fide New York icon, this is the one, the only Murray's Sturgeon. Selling smoked sturgeon that borders on the miraculous, many travel near and far for a sample of their incomparable lox, sturgeon, fresh pickled herring and more. If you are a connoisseur of fishy spreads, you will be an instant convert.

Williams BBQ

Address: 2350 Broadway
Phone: 212-877-5384

While their menu has expanded over the years, the roasted chicken remains their most popular item. Nonetheless, if you're so inclined, they also offer a fair range of exotic poultry, from duck to capon. There are also a number of down home fixings if you do not eat like a bird.