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NYC Apartment Sales

Finding the right broker, made easy

When you're selling your New York City apartment, having the right real estate agent can make all of the difference. If you don't work with the right agent, one with a proven track record of success in selling exactly the kind of apartment you own, in your neighborhood and even in your building, you could be leaving serious money on the table—your money.

CityRealty has over 15 years of unrivaled experience and success matching each seller, their apartment and their unique situation with exactly the right New York City real estate broker. We track the success of over 1,500 individual real estate agents from all of the top New York City real estate brokerages and we know with certainty who will do the very best job selling for you.

Simply put, we know who's selling what and where and we know the strengths of all the top agents in town. Whether you're selling a Classic Six on Central Park West or a fully renovated loft in Tribeca, we'll recommend the right agent for you.

Take advantage of our experience and insider knowledge to find the broker most qualified and experienced to help you sell your apartment. Just take a look at the map below — find your neighborhood and building and you'll see how many agent specialists we work with (along with all of the CityRealty buyers currently interested in your building).

And getting back to your money, our broker referral services are completely free to you.

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Find a New York City Real Estate Agent by Building

What does this map show?
Find your building on the map and we'll show you how many agent specialists are in our network for your building. In addition, we'll show how many buyers using the CityRealty site have shown interest in your building recently