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Market Insight

New Upper West Side Condo Gets a Name; Pricing and Renderings Released New development sites on the Upper West Side are hard to come, more so when the parcel can provide corner exposures on two streets. Great Neck-based Borough Equities were lucky enough to get their hands on one of these rarities at 952 Columbus Avenue at the corner of West 107th street. Named Ivy... Today, December 5, 2016
Massive Myrtle Avenue Mixed-Use Project Takes Shape in Clinton Hill; Housing Lottery Recently Launched for 29 Units The buzzing strip of Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill is preparing to debut yet another mixed-use residential building at 504 Myrtle Avenue. Rising at the former site of the one-story Pratt Station Post Office, the 105,281-square-foot project is being developed by Madison Realty Capital. The... Today, December 5, 2016
180 Riverside Boulevard Leasing with Special Offers; Newly Renovated Apartments Overlook Hudson River Equity Apartments is currently leasing with $1,000 security deposits and special rates for 2-year leases on select apartments at 180 Riverside Boulevard. The leisurely and comfortable atmosphere of the Upper West Side provides residents a retreat from the surrounding, faster paced districts... Today, December 5, 2016
L+M Development / CIM Unveil Early Drawings for Pair of 60-Story Skyscrapers on the LES Waterfront Who would have guessed the next burgeoning skyscraper district would be along the Lower East Side East River waterfront. As per the... Today, December 5, 2016
South Slope Condos Hit the Market, Massive Penthouse Could Be Yours for under $1 Million Over in tranquil South Slope, just a block west of the beautiful grounds of Greenwood Cemetery, Compass' Litvak Team have launched... Today, December 5, 2016
On the Eve of Landmarks Hearing, Morningside Heights Prepares for its First New Condo Tower The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) filed construction permits last month for a new academic building on their Morningside... Today, December 5, 2016
Renovated Loft-Style Apartments in Upper East Side Pre-War Offering First Two Months Free on 12-Month Lease Icon Realty Management is offering up to two months of free rent, or one month free and one month OP, with new 12-month leases at... Today, December 5, 2016
December Monthly Market Report CityRealty's monthly rundown of the Manhattan residential real estate market. Today, December 5, 2016
A Guide to Tipping Building Staff: Who, When, Why and How Much Every December, building staff across the city leave seasonal cards under residents’ doors. If you’re new to life in a full-service... Today, December 5, 2016
Major Downtown Brooklyn Skyscraper Site at One Boerum Sold to Development Partnership A premier development site at the southeast corner of Fulton Street Mall and Boerum Place has been sold to a partnership of... Saturday, December 3, 2016
Understanding How 100 Years of Zoning Has Shaped New York City In October, city officials unveiled plans to rezone a large swath of East Harlem. The major thrust of the rezoning initiative is to... Friday, December 2, 2016
Richard Meier's First NYC Skyscraper Begins its Ascent Now that we’ve gotten over the shock that Richard Meier is designing his first New York City skyscraper IN BLACK, rather than in... Friday, December 2, 2016
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Greenwich Village A charming and historic neighborhood, Greenwich Village is known for its trademark jagged streets and starring role in the great literary and artistic movements of the 20th century. With...
Murray Hill Once home to financier JP Morgan, Murray Hill offers a sedate yet upscale lifestyle, with a mix of brownstone buildings and high-rise towers. The neighborhood features many mom-and-pop restaurants...
Yorkville Situated just east of some of the city's most valuable real estate, Yorkville is characterized by its eclectic mix of brownstones, tenements and newer luxury high- rise apartment buildings. The...
Carnegie Hill One of New York's most prestigious neighborhoods, Carnegie Hill is home to world- class museums, elite private schools and prominent houses of worship, as well as the finest examples of pre-war...
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