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300 Ashland
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Market Insight

Massive Myrtle Avenue Project Takes Shape, Will Bring 143 Rentals & 20,000+ Square Feet of Retail to Bustling Stretch The buzzing strip of Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill is preparing to debut yet another mixed-use residential building at 504 Myrtle Avenue. Rising at the former site of the one-story Pratt Station Post Office, the 105,281-square-foot project is being developed by Madison Realty Capital. The... Today, October 27, 2016
Fifth Avenue Rentals with One Month Free; Limited Time Offer from Related Rentals at Upper East Side High-Rise A luxury high-rise overlooking Fifth Avenue is offering one month of free rent with new leases courtesy of Related Rentals. Located at 1214 Fifth Avenue, the building has 229 residences that offer panoramic park, river, and city views. Rafael Pelli designed the 50-story tower to feature a glass... Today, October 27, 2016
East Village's Poppy Lofts Nears Completion, 2-Bedroom Condos from $1.75 Million Poppy Lofts is a soon-to-open condominium building at 26 Avenue B in the East Village. The boutique development rises 6 stories tall and contains five full-floor, two-bedroom residences each with their own private outdoor spaces. The building was designed by Shiming Tam Architect and showcases a... Today, October 27, 2016
Prospect Heights' 670 Pacific Street Offering One Month Free Rent on No Fee Apartments 670 Pacific Street is an 86-unit residential rental in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. With leasing kicking off this past summer, the... Today, October 27, 2016
Teaser Site Launches for L.E.S. Floor-through Condos at 265 East Houston A teaser site has launched for a new 10-story condominium building at 265 East Houston Street on the Lower East Side. The building... Today, October 27, 2016
Steals and Deals: Discounted Listings in Trump Buildings Though Donald Trump's hotels have recently opted for a name change, sales at the contentious candidate’s 11 Manhattan condos were... Today, October 27, 2016
Selldorf-Designed 347 Bowery Gets Skinned, Just One $7.5 Million Duplex Available Annabelle Selldorf’s latest East Village condominium building, 347 Bowery, is closer to completion with the shiny zinc skin... Today, October 27, 2016
Fort Greene's Stately Two-Building Condo Development; Two-Bedroom Homes from $1.425 Million A unique residential development in Brooklyn is one step closer to completion with the topping off of one of the two buildings for... Wednesday, October 26, 2016
New Bushwick Condos from $399K at 116 Covert Street 116 Covert Street is a new condominium development located between Evergreen Avenue and Central Avenue on the edge of Bushwick. The... Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Checking in on Messana O'Rorke-Designed Condo Conversion '200 E 62' on the Upper East Side A condominium conversion is nearing completion at 200 East 62nd Street on the Upper East Side. Going by the name 200 E 62, the... Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Checking in on Catsimatidis' Curving 86 Fleet Place in Downtown Brooklyn 86 Fleet Place, the final and western-most installment of John Catsimatidis’ four-building master plan in Downtown Brooklyn, is... Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Elite International Schools are Bringing in Buyers to New Developments on the Upper East Side and in NoMad Families looking to buy apartments in the Big Apple often have a standard list of demands: a safe area, a family-friendly... Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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East Village As a larger subset of several distinct enclaves, the East Village is a diverse neighborhood, boasting premier music and arts venues, ethnic establishments, trendy bars and restaurants, and luxury...
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Greenwich Village A charming and historic neighborhood, Greenwich Village is known for its trademark jagged streets and starring role in the great literary and artistic movements of the 20th century. With...
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"New York is the concentrate of art and commerce and sport and religion and entertainment and finance, bringing to a single compact arena the gladiator, the evangelist, the promoter, the actor, the trader and the merchant. No one should come to New York to live unless he is willing to be lucky."

E.B. White