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Established in 1994, CityRealty is the oldest, continuously operating real estate website.

Developed based on the principle that real estate is inherently local, for the past twenty years CityRealty has focused on providing the highest quality content and perspective on the New York City real estate market. As one of the world's largest and most dynamic real estate markets, buying or renting an apartment in New York often can be challenging without the proper information, guidance and assistance.

Every year, we help thousands of apartment buyers, renters and sellers successfully navigate the often complex New York market.

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With our unique content and real time market data, along with every available listing for sale or rent, CityRealty helps buyers and renters gain an insider's view into the market. Everything you need to find and evaluate individual apartments is available on CityRealty. 

In addition, we can help you find the right New York City real estate agent, one with proven experience and a track record of success with exactly the type of apartment you want to buy or sell. We have detailed data on the activity of over 1,500 New York City real estate agents from all the top brokerage firms and each agent that is part of the CityRealty network has been individually screened by us.

Once we understand your unique requirements and needs, we will recommend a New York City real estate agent who is an expert in exactly what you are seeking - an agent with a documented track record of success specializing in the type of apartment, neighborhood and even the exact building in which you want to sell or buy.

With CityRealty, you no longer need to contact dozens of agents and run the risk that they lack the proper qualifications and experience. Rather, we will quickly help you identify the right agent for your needs – an agent who will have the inside track on finding the apartment of your dreams and assist you with all aspects of the transaction to ensure a smooth process, from start to closing.

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