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Top 10 Most Stylish Apartment Buildings

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, as the saying goes.  These buildings are not necessarily the most fashionable nor the most expensive, but they are unquestionably special and their residents walk tall and proud even if they are not all Egyptians.  When they get bored, they simply go to The Frick Collection to gaze at Gainsborough’s coiffed ladies in a park for an instant cure. 

#1 - The Plaza, 1 Central Park South

Condo in Midtown West

Eloise, that impish brat of a young girl still runs riot here, dashing by the storm-tossed New Yorkers in Everett Shinn's great murals rushing to "Black and White" balls here.

#2 - The Sherry Netherland, 781 Fifth Avenue

Co-op in Park/Fifth Ave. to 79th St.

Undaunted by fear of being crushed by dragon-held lanterns, revelers storm past doormen to rush downstairs to Doubles for a last dance after a few Bellinis at Cipriani's.

#3 - The Dakota, 1 West 72nd Street

Co-op in Central Park West

This is not a Gothic disco, but it does take a lot of courage to sneak past the sentry box at the entrance.

#4 - The Dorilton, 171 West 71st Street

Co-op in Broadway Corridor

Did you tell your grandchildren that you posed as one of the putti on the entrance gate, or the winsome maidens on the Broadway facade, or the titans holding up balconies on the sidestreet?

#5 - The Gainsborough, 222 Central Park South

Co-op in Midtown West

The ladies at in the great Gainsborough painting at The Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue not only had lots of gray hairs but very attractive dresses as they promenaded in their park just as the residents in his namesake building, the city's best "studio" apartment buidling, do on proper occasions.

#6 - 40 Bond Street

Condo in NoHo

Who needs pre-war when you can fend off the world with your wondrous "grafitti" front fence and your lustrous, very thick and luminous green-glass facades in this best of all possible, kaleidoscopic worls. 

#7 - The Ardsley, 320 Central Park West

Co-op in Central Park West

Don't let some street hustler try to convince you that great Art Deco-style is all zig-zags when you know that bold geometric patterning is also part of that great grab-bag of bouncing rhythm.

#8 - 8 Spruce Street

No fee rental in Financial District

This very cool, very tall, and very rippled rental tower designed by Frank O. Gehry looks "shaken, not stirred."

#9 - The San Remo, 145 Central Park West

Co-op in Central Park West

World's most elegant twin-towered residential skyscaper

#10 - Trump Tower, 721 Fifth Avenue

Condo in Midtown East

Big,  bold and brassy, of course, but also with a sloping lobby and a splash at the waterfall.