Top 10 Fifth Avenue Apartment Buildings

It doesn’t hurt to be across from the only real zoo in Manhattan, the only real model sailboat house in Manhattan, and the city’s most impressive museum. And if you have Pale Male’s seal of approval – a nest – you can’t lose.  There’s really no secret here for the Top Ten Fifth Avenue Apartment Buildings, just very, very, very good credit.

#1 - 998 Fifth Avenue

This magnificent, Italian Renaissance palazzo-style apartment bulding was designed by McKim, Mead & White and is widely credited with convincing wealthy New Yorkers that apartments were acceptable places to live.

  • One apartment for sale at $28,000,000

#2 - 834 Fifth Avenue

Directly across from the entrance to the Central Park Zoo, this very handsome, palatial, limestone-clad apartment building was designed by Rosario Candela and is one of the city's mosts luxurious.

  • One apartment for sale at $30,000,000

#3 - 960 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Warren & Wetmore and Rosario Candela, this limestone-clad apartment building is one of the most prestigious in the city and has little pedestrian traffic and its own lavish restaurant.

#4 - 820 Fifth Avenue

This demure limestone pile has beautiful sidewalk landscaping and very spectacular, full-floor apartments occupied by those lucky enough to be approved by a rather persnickety board.

#5 - 1020 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Warren & Wetmore, this 14-story apartment building was completed in 1925 and has only 13 spectacular apartments, many with very high ceilings.

#6 - 1010 Fifth Avenue

This lavish, 15-story-high apartment building was developed by Frederick Filmore French, the developer, who lived in its penthouse overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. 

  • Five apartments currently for sale from $6,200,000 to $20,980,000

#7 - 1040 Fifth Avenue

This large and impressive, 17-story, limestone-clad apartment building, which was designed by Rosario Candela, has one of the most distinctive rooflines in the city and has only 27 apartments.

  • One apartment for sale at $32,500,000

#8 - Sherry Netherland Hotel, 781 Fifth Avenue

This lovely minaret-topped hotel and apartment building with its large lanterns held by large dragons starts off Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side with a very impressive bang.

  • Six apartments currently for sale from $995,000 to $86,000,000

#9 - The Pierre, 795 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Schultze & Weaver, who also designed the nearby Sherry Netherland, this hotel and apartment building has very attractive public spaces and a spectacular ballroom in the apartment at the top.

  • Four apartments currently for sale from $4,600,000 to $70,000,000

#10 - 927 Fifth Avenue

This very elegant, limestone-clad apartment building has a large pediment over one of its top-floor windows that was chosen for a nest by Pale Male, the city's most famous hawk and the building's most famous resident. 

  • One apartment for sale at $19,500,000