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Top 10 Fifth Avenue Apartment Buildings

It doesn’t hurt live across the street from Central Park, the city’s most impressive museum or just steps away from a flurry of top shops and restaurants. There’s really no secret to living in one of 5th Avenue's most coveted residential buildings—just very, very, very good credit.

#1 - 998 Fifth Avenue

This magnificent, Italian Renaissance palazzo-style apartment bulding was designed by McKim, Mead & White and is widely credited with convincing wealthy New Yorkers that apartments were acceptable places to live.

  • One apartment for sale at $25,500,000

#2 - 834 Fifth Avenue

Directly across from the entrance to the Central Park Zoo, this very handsome, palatial, limestone-clad apartment building was designed by Rosario Candela and is one of the city's mosts luxurious.

  • One apartment for sale at $15,500,000

#3 - 960 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Warren & Wetmore and Rosario Candela, this limestone-clad apartment building is one of the most prestigious in the city and has little pedestrian traffic and its own lavish restaurant.

#4 - 820 Fifth Avenue

This demure limestone pile has beautiful sidewalk landscaping and very spectacular, full-floor apartments occupied by those lucky enough to be approved by a rather persnickety board.

#5 - 1020 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Warren & Wetmore, this 14-story apartment building was completed in 1925 and has only 13 spectacular apartments, many with very high ceilings.

#6 - 1010 Fifth Avenue

This lavish, 15-story-high apartment building was developed by Frederick Filmore French, the developer, who lived in its penthouse overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. 

  • Five apartments currently for sale from $5,400,000 to $19,650,000

#7 - 1040 Fifth Avenue

This large and impressive, 17-story, limestone-clad apartment building, which was designed by Rosario Candela, has one of the most distinctive rooflines in the city and has only 27 apartments.

  • One apartment for sale at $32,500,000

#8 - Sherry Netherland Hotel, 781 Fifth Avenue

This lovely minaret-topped hotel and apartment building with its large lanterns held by large dragons starts off Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side with a very impressive bang.

  • Eight apartments currently for sale from $1,895,000 to $86,000,000

#9 - The Pierre, 795 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Schultze & Weaver, who also designed the nearby Sherry Netherland, this hotel and apartment building has very attractive public spaces and a spectacular ballroom in the apartment at the top.

  • Five apartments currently for sale from $4,250,000 to $70,000,000

#10 - 927 Fifth Avenue

This very elegant, limestone-clad apartment building has a large pediment over one of its top-floor windows that was chosen for a nest by Pale Male, the city's most famous hawk and the building's most famous resident. 

  • One apartment for sale at $19,500,000