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The CityRealty 100

The "Blue Chip" Index, the CityRealty 100 tracks the performance of the top 100 condos in Manhattan

Selection Methodology
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Selection Methodology for The CityRealty 100

The CityRealty 100 is an index of the top 100 residential condominiums in Manhattan. CityRealty follows a strict set of criteria to determine which buildings are included in the CityRealty 100. This criteria are as follows:

  • A building must have a minimum average price / ft2 of $1,000 for recorded sales during preceding 12 months. If the building has had no recorded transactions in the past 12 months, then the last transaction value is used.
  • For newly constructed properties, a minimum of three months closing history is required.
  • A building must have a minimum of two sales during the past 18 months.
  • The building's prominence, popularity and desirability among purchasers and brokers.
  • CityRealty's rating for the building.
  • Neighborhood balance: The building's location is considered so that a balance is maintained throughout Manhattan.
  • Property type and location: only condominium buildings in Manhattan are included in the CityRealty 100 and the total number of buildings included is limited to 100.

CityRealty evaluates all of its indices regularly. For the CityRealty 100, CityRealty generally adds or removes properties to the Index twice per year, on January 1 and July 1. All pricing information has been provided by the New York City Department of Finance via the Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS).

Please note that CityRealty does not rank buildings within the Index; rather, a default sort order is provided (which is price / ft2 based on the each building's past 12 months sales history).

Inquires, comments and suggestions concerning any CityRealty index (and any ideas for new indices) can be sent to

Pricing Charts

The performance of the The CityRealty 100

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  • Studios
  • One Beds
  • Two Beds
  • Three Beds
  • Four+ Beds
All values are 90 day moving daily averages

Price Change Summary During the Past Five Years

2414|Jul 23, 2019|2019|-4.9;2162|Jul 23, 2020|2020|6.2;2150|Jul 23, 2021|2021|6.8;2335|Jul 23, 2022|2022|-1.7;2251|Jul 23, 2023|2023|2;2296|Jul 23, 2024|2024|0.0
$2,296 Current Avg. Price /Ft2
Based on 669 Closings in the past 12 months

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