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MAD Irving Place LLC of which Robert Gladstone is a principal has commissioned Audrey Matlock to design a 11-story building with 9 residential condominium apartments at 57 Irving Place between 17th and 18th Streets.

Across town, Mr. Gladstone is completing construction on Chelsea Modern at 447 West 18th Street, which was also designed by Ms. Matlock and is notable for its undulated horizontal angles of its glass facade and many of its windows that open outwards fully in parallel with the facade.

The new building will be distinguished by its "15-foot-wide louvered screens that are automatically controlled and can be moved along an external steel track to provide shading and separation as designed," according to the architect's website that describes the front of the building as a "living facade" that "is literally a kinetic sculpture reflecting the changing needs of its occupants."

Single- and double-story projections on the facade express the configuration of the apartments and these projections are sheathed with custom patterned glass.

The apartments have open living/dining areas that stretch across the full 52-width of the building and at the rear of the building each apartment has a large master bedroom suite with glass wall that fully open to terraces.

The ground floor is a triplex town "home" with a garage, an indoor lap pool, a rear garden and large double-height interior spaces.

The Department of Buildings issued a permit for the project July 2, 2008 to David Helpern of Helpern Architects, the architect of record.

Mr. Gladstone's other prominent projects include the Galleria at 115 East 57th Street and the Waterford on Second Avenue at 93rd Street.

He acquired the four-story garage structure at the site last October for more than $13 million and Corus Bank announced last month that it had provided Madison Equities, which is controlled by Mr. Gladstone, with $27.5 million in construction financing for the development of "Irving Place," which will have ground-floor retail space some of which will be leased to restaurants. The Corus announcement indicated that the residential units will be offered at prices that start at $6.5 million.

Corus had also provided funding for Chelsea Modern, which has 44 apartments.
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