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Google Street view of Bethune Towers, a Mitchell-Lama complex Google Street view of Bethune Towers, a Mitchell-Lama complex
For New Yorkers seeking to buy an apartment at a reasonable price, two names will be very familiar: Housing Connect—the portal to ongoing affordable housing lotteries all over the city—and Mitchell-Lama—an initiative to provide affordable rental and cooperative housing alike.

These names currently represent two different affordable housing programs. However, following a restructuring by New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), the Mitchell-Lama application process will be integrated into Housing Connect over the next year. Mitchell-Lama applicants will still be on waiting lists for available units. The wait for an apartment can still take years, but there will be increased oversight of the application and waiting list process.
Moreover, HPD is in the process of hiring new management companies for Mitchell-Lama buildings to ensure well-run buildings and greater oversight. It has also created a new unit for constituents to receive information. The Wall Street Journal notes that the changes to Mitchell-Lama come in the wake of an investigation that found poor supervision at some complexes, which led to instances of bribery and abuse of power.

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