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Those traveling by bus, bike, car, or on foot on 14th Street may have noticed the construction at 101 West 14th Street, which has just reached its full 12-floor height. Gemini Rosemont is at the helm of this condominium, and the design by ODA has been described by 6sqft as boxy and Tetris-inspired. The building will have two ground-floor retail spaces and 45 condos on top, 23 of which will be duplexes. Residential amenities will include a lounge, roof terrace, bike room, fitness centers, and laundry rooms.
While the bank building formerly on-site was demolished, the clock face with Banksy’s stencil of a rat was carefully removed. No word yet on where the art will be displayed next, but a mural dating back to 1954, “A Memory of 14th Street and 6th Avenue,” has been rescued and preserved.
101-West-14th-Street-1 Rendering of 101 West 14th Street via JM Zoning
101-West-14th-Street Looking south from Sixth Avenue and 15th Street (December 2019/CityRealty)
101 West 14th Street-NYC
From 14th Street (CityRealty)
The project site is in proximity to a myriad of subway and bus lines, which begs the question, why is the zoning so restrictive at such a transit-rich location? Surely, a larger, 20-floor building could have easily been accommodated, allowing more residents to enjoy quick commutes to the nearby office districts.
Across the street, a groundbreaking ceremony recently took place at 63 West 14th Street / 530-540 Sixth Avenue. A joint venture between Landsea Homes and DNA Development bought an assemblage of four-story buildings from Extell for $52.8 million in September 2018 and filed demolition permits a short time later. Foundation permits for a 14-story, 50-unit mixed-use condominium with Morris Adjmi Architects as the designer of record have been approved. Select one- through three-bedroom units will have private outdoor space, and sales are expected to begin next spring.
 63 West 14th Street Sketch of project coming to 63 West 14th Street
 63 West 14th Street-003 Excavation underway
14th Street has been the site of a luxury condo boomlet in recent years, and it is now the site of New York’s most ambitious stand against car traffic: In early October, 14th Street, between Third and Ninth avenues, will only allow vehicular traffic to travel one block before being forced to turn off the street. As a means to prioritize public buses, all bus lanes have been painted bright red, curbside parking spots have been eliminated and replaced with loading zones, and a fleet of traffic officers are on hand to keep things flowing.
The busway was initially conceived as a plan to deal with the planned L trains shutdown, but proponents now see it as a way of coping with New York’s climate and congestion crises. It is now part of an 18-month pilot plan that could very well become permanent. Local activists feared that it would clog residential side streets with rerouted traffic, and lawsuits twice prevented it from being rolled out in July. But ultimately, a judge ruled that the plan could go forward.
14th-Street-02 14th Street and 8th Avenue circa October 2019 via CityRealty

“This is a little bit of what we might see when we implement congestion pricing in New York City” – Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner, Department of Transportation

new york city transit via NYC DOT
At this early stage, car drivers are still permitted to make pick-ups and drop-offs on 14th Street, provided they take the first available right turn to get off. Drivers will be issued warnings at first, but this will upgrade to tickets after a 60-day grace period. Trucks and emergency vehicles are still permitted. The New York Post described the plan as “a nightmare set to unfold,” and car commuters and 14th Street businesses were none too pleased, either.

However, on the day of the rollout, The New York Times talked to bus commuters who were already pleased to experience a much faster trip down 14th Street than the previous rate of less than four miles per hour. About a month in, local residents reported quieter streets, easier bus travel, and higher quality of life.

Most recently, 14th Street was also the site of the debut of a new electric bus that is a key part of the MTA's plan to switch to an all-electric fleet. Each electric bus will save an estimated 8,000 gallons of fuel per year, cut the city's carbon footprint, and improve air quality.
14th-Street-01 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, with pedestrians and clearly marked bus lanes in October
101-West-14th-Street-2 101 West 14th Street circa October 2019 via CityRealty
530-Sixth-Avenue-1 All photos of 530 Sixth Avenue circa October 2019 via CityRealty
530-Sixth-Avenue-2 530 Sixth Avenue
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