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Photo via Pixabay Photo via Pixabay
Forbes recently reported that Tesla outsold Mercedes for the first time ever in the United States, and BMW is the next target within Tesla’s sights. As more and more Teslas stealthily crisscross the island of Manhattan, they seek more and more charging stations (this is all happening just as more and more gas stations continue to disappear throughout NYC).


There are hundreds of Tesla “destination chargers” in the city, mostly found in public parking garages. Destination chargers are level 2 chargers (less powerful than Superchargers) but Tesla owners can charge their cars for free when they arrive at a destination (intended for customers of a business).


Last August, Tesla announced that new urban Supercharger stations would start popping up around the city. These new charges have updated designs and are stronger than destination charges but not as powerful as standard superchargers. The urban Superchargers charge at a 72 kW rate, which is slower than Tesla’s normal 120-150 kW Supercharger charge rate but faster than destination chargers (which vary per location). The charge rage of an urban Supercharge is 72 kW, or around 215 mi/hr or around 45 minutes to an hour for a full charge versus the standard Supercharger rate of around 20 minutes to full charge.


Private single-family homeowners do not have to worry about charging unless they're headed out for a long trip (over 300+ miles) since they can install chargers in their private garages. But recently, more luxury building residents in the city also don't have to worry, as developers are catching onto the craze. Below are a few new developments with charging stations available for residents, making owning an electric car not only an eco option but a super easy one now too.

565 Broome Rendering of 565 Broome, via Noe & Associates with the Boundary
565 Broome Rendering of 565 Broome's port cochere, via Noe & Associates with the Boundary

565 Broome


Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano, 565 Broome Soho has a strikingly unique parking garage that was designed to make a just as a dramatic statement as the rest of the building. And since it is Manhattan's first ‘Zero Waste’ residential high rise, it's no surprise that the building has jumped on the trend.


Located above street level and enclosed entirely in glass, the building’s parking garage showcases the cars and mechanisms of the automatic parking system visible to the street. All those passing by can watch as cars are moved by automated lift from the driveway on ground level up through the glass to a higher, private climate- and humidity-controlled garage where the cars are stored. Each of the 42 parking spaces features two different electric vehicle chargers and space that is large enough to accommodate SUVs. The latest automated technology allows for remote calling and retrieval from a smartphone app with an average retrieval time of 210 seconds. The also building offers the luxury and experience of a private gated driveway with entrance to a covered porte-cochere.

98 Front Street Rendering of 98 Front Street, via Craft

98 Front Street


Ironically replacing a one-story garage in DUMBO, the new 98 Front Street is a beautiful, 10-story apartment building with 165 condominium units. Built by Hope Street Capital and designed by Eran Chen’s ODA, the building, which is seeking LEED certification, has 65 parking spots, including 14 electric charging stations.

Greenwich West, Loci Anima Rendering of Greenwich West, via Loci Anima

Greenwich West


Greenwich West, Hudson Square’s newest residential tower at 110 Charlton Street, is a 30-story building being designed by a team of acclaimed visionaries led by French female architect Francoise Raynaud, founder of the Parisian architecture and design firm Loci-Anima. One of the tallest buildings in the area, the residential tower provides unprecedented views of the Hudson River, New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty. Its amenities include private parking, eight spots of which will be electric car charging spaces for buyers to use.

Avora Weehawken Avora, image via New World Group



Located along the Weehawken waterfront, Landsea Homes’ Avora is a contemporary, amenity-rich condominium blending luxury with sustainability. To add to its LEED-anticipated status for its eco-conscious practices, Avora features an electric car charging station inside its parking garage with the capacity to service two vehicles at once, available exclusively to its residents.

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