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The Cubes coming to Socrates Sculpture Park The Cubes coming to Socrates Sculpture Park
Socrates Sculpture Park is one of those undercover gems that help make the New York City experience worthwhile. Founded in 1886 by sculptor Mark di Suvero, its four-acre waterfront grounds serve as an outdoor museum for up-and-coming artists to showcase their work. In addition to the exhibition space, its waterfront grounds offer a plethora of educational, residency, and job training programs, helping the non-profit serve as a catalyst for economic development in Astoria. One of the few permanent additions slated for its grounds will be a 2,640-square-foot pavilion constructed of shipping containers.
Last week building permits filed to build the two-story structure that was announced by the Parks Department in 2016. The 'cargotecture' connoisseurs at LOT-EK are the designers at the helm and its shipping container design is fashioned to reflect the park’s dedication to adaptive reuse and its grassroots founding. According to LOT-EK, the design was developed from a single cube that sat in the sculpture courtyard at the Whitney's former Madison Avenue digs. "Two more cubes are added to the original Whitney Studio to house the program, plus an open-air “ghosted” cube where the geometry supports a shading canopy for outdoor workshops."
Socrates-Sculpture-Park-03 Renderings credit of LOT-EK
The Cubes-03 Floor plan
Socrates-Sculpture-Park-003 Google Earth aerial showing location of the park