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The Porter House and its beautiful Unit #6 The Porter House and its beautiful Unit #6
I first discovered heavy metal music on a trip to England in the early 70s and was hooked. From there on out, I devoted my life to it and never looked back. My band and I toured the world many times over and hope we’ll have a comeback tour sometime soon. Who cares that I’m 71, Mick is six years older and if he can do it, so can I. I’ve got a better tongue, hands down.  My wife Sheryl told me she’s tired of the woods and we need a city pad so we’re on the hunt. I didn’t wear my makeup to tour homes (that’s saved for concert tours). My only requirement for the homes we see is a heavy metal theme. Let’s see what our broker to the stars, Wendy, does with that...

In the series "Real listings, imagined lives," we take inspiration from real-life listings and overlay an imagined story. The traditional real estate listing descriptions are fictionalized to add fascination and a New York edge. The series envisions residents, neighborhoods, culture, and more around NYC homes for sale. New Yorkers are anything but ordinary, and so their home descriptions should not be either. So our stories take creative license and New York chutzpah to reveal the most interesting aspects of listings as we imagine the lives lived in these amazing homes and neighborhoods.

Downtown NYC condos L to R: 829 Greenwich Street, 345 Meatpacking, and the Porter House

829 Greenwich Street-003 All images of 829 Greenwich credit of Modlin Group
829 Greenwich was our first stop. I was smitten the minute I saw that amazing single piece of 40-foot-high steel affixed to the exterior of the house. Holy smokes, Wendy really doesn’t mess around! Let’s get in, I gotta see this place.
829 Greenwich Street Meatpacking District 829 Greenwich Street's living room
I loved the massively tall ceilings in the living room. That can accommodate my hair no matter how big I make it.
I’m not a big reader but the library ladder will provide hours of entertainment.
Believe it or not, I’m a serious wine collector. Hey, I’ve got class!  
Greenwich Village apartments
I like the view a lot, I feel like I can breathe!
The outdoor deck with the fireplace would be a romantic place to wine and dine Sher.

345-Meatpacking-03 - NYC Photos credit of Leslie J. Garfield
Next stop, 345 Meatpacking. Let’s just get this out there, living in a neighborhood with the word meat seems so appropriate for a heavy metal musician, doesn’t it? Just makes me think of Ozzy eating the bat head. Total synchronicity
The first thing I love when I walk in are those gold metal frames around the windows and doors. Heavy metal, baby!!
The kitchen has sumptuous dark wood and black granite. It definitely feels like a man can feel at home whipping up some crazy concoctions.
I love that outdoor deck, it is ideal for some nude sunbathing.

Now on to the Porter House, 66 Ninth Avenue, #6. I’m hungry and wanna stop for a snack. I tell them to give me a sec and I pop into Chelsea Market for LOS TACOS No. 1, it’s truly numero uno. The damn line is long but I use my star power, stick my tongue out and work my way up the line.

I catch up with Sher and Wendy and S is already drooling all over the place but they had me with those gold-edged columns. 
I like the mixture of windows in the living room, kinds like notes playing off of one another. 
The Porter House The Porter House, #6
The blue kitchen with brass island totally rocks! I mean who has a gold sink? Me, baby!
The blue den will inspire for sure. I can already imagine using some of my old props as decorations, the guillotine, electric chairs, and dueling swords. With the bar right there, I can relax when my writing brain is fried.
Porter House bedroom
Meatpacking District
My old costumes will look perfect in this closet. Sher says that fur bolero coat must come with the house! We’re sold. Porter House, I was made for loving you!!
The Porter House, 66 Ninth Avenue, #6 The Porter House, 66 Ninth Avenue, #6

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Contributing Writer Michelle Sinclair Colman Michelle writes children's books and also writes articles about architecture, design and real estate. Those two passions came together in Michelle's first children's book, "Urban Babies Wear Black." Michelle has a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Minnesota and a Master's degree in the Cities Program from the London School of Economics.
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