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Rendering of Vinoly's glass townhouse, 162 East 64th Street Rendering of Vinoly's glass townhouse, 162 East 64th Street
A Rafael Viñoly-designed, single-unit townhouse is nearing completion just eight blocks north of his neck-craning east-side condominium, 432 Park Avenue. While 432 Park is the tallest residential tower in the world (rising 1,396 feet high), the townhouse at 162 East 64th Street is on the opposite end of the size spectrum, at a mere 60 feet tall. This Lenox Hill home was bought and developed by Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian.
The building is a mixed-use development with office space for Eurnekian’s business occupying the cellar and first two floors, topped by a four-story dwelling. In total, the building will measure about 10,000 square feet. Originally, the design was to mimic the Seagram Building, however architects have opted for a sleek curving glass facade instead.
Rafael Vinoly, Upper East Side, Lenox Hill,
The building’s semi-curved shape seems to mediate its two neighbors that are setback from the street at dfferent distances. The scale of the townhouse matches the red-accented 164 East 64th Street and could almost seem to be part of the structure. That building was designed by Michael Rubin Architects and boasts a square, natural granite facade with oversized maroon steel-framed windows. As for Vinoly's project, some lights and furnishings were already installed inside, and the project should be completed later this year

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