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Double-height living room at Morgan Studios, #3C (Corcoran Group) Double-height living room at Morgan Studios, #3C (Corcoran Group)
When stepping into a New York City apartment, past the foyer, your initial attention usually shifts from the windows/view to the feel of interior spaces, where ceiling height holds considerable significance. While Bob Vila deems the standard ceiling height to be nine feet, many residential buildings have pushed boundaries with loftier designs. Industrial buildings often retain super-high ceilings in residential conversions, and some new development condos are embracing double-height ceilings to create grander residences. Typically, the highest ceilings are found on the top floors and in the most upscale units.
As with many luxury amenities in real estate, ceiling height becomes a matter of personal preference. Ceilings that are excessively high and lack proportion to the floor space might create a cavernous feel or give the impression of being in a hallway. Additionally, ceilings embellished with exposed beams or intricate details like crown molding may present cleaning challenges, potentially diminishing the pristine appearance of even the most immaculate apartment. Even the less ornate alternatives pose difficulties for tasks such as repairs, painting, or changing light bulbs. Furthermore, amidst escalating energy costs, it's worth noting that heating expenses in these spaces can approach the heights of the ceilings.
Studio Building NYC A tremendous living room in available listing at the sought-after Studio Building (Unit 8/9C via Compass)
Nevertheless, the advantages of high ceilings are compelling, especially in person. From a seasonal standpoint, residents of these apartments have room for taller Christmas trees than one would think possible for a New York City apartment. Throughout the year, the elevated ceiling height imparts a sense of spaciousness and a striking atmosphere. Finally, rooms with soaring ceilings often boast correspondingly tall windows, which can floor the space with abundant natural light.

Cons of High Ceilings:

● Cavernous Feel: Excessively high ceilings may create a cavernous or hallway-like impression.

● Cleaning Challenges: Ceilings adorned with details like exposed beams or crown molding can pose cleaning difficulties.

● Maintenance Tasks: Less ornate options still present challenges for tasks such as repairs, painting, or changing light bulbs.

● Heating Expenses: Escalating energy costs may result in higher heating expenses in spaces with tall ceilings.

Pros of High Ceilings:

● Sense of Spaciousness: Elevated ceiling height imparts a feeling of openness and grandeur.

● Seasonal Decor Opportunities: Residents can accommodate taller Christmas trees and seasonal decorations.

● Striking Atmosphere: High ceilings contribute to a dramatic and visually appealing environment.

● Abundant Natural Light: Rooms with soaring ceilings often feature tall windows, flooding the space with natural light.

Featured Listings with High Ceilings

Fit for your own Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree or 'World's Largest Menorah' on Fifth Avenue

Waverly Mews, #3J (Compass)

43 East 10th Street, #2D (Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales LLC)

3 Hanover Square, #3F (Compass)

The Armory, #1B (Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales LLC)

36 West 35th Street, #PHF (Coldwell Banker Warburg)

The Forum, #PH1C (Coldwell Banker Warburg)

199 Humboldt Street, #3B (Compass)

The Link, #16C (Compass)

235 East 49th Street, #1CD (Elegran LLC)

924 Lafayette Avenue, #PH (Corcoran Group)

Morgan Studios, #3C (Corcoran Group)

Liberty Tower, #PH31A (Serhant LLC)

The Pythian, #3E (Compass)

Oosten, #D315 (Compass)

Morgan Studios, #23AB (Compass)

Pierhouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park, #N810 (Douglas Elliman Real Estate)

180 East 88th Street, #18A (Corcoran Group)

27 West 67th Street, #1FW (Sothebys International Realty)

The Studio Building, #89C (Compass)

Hotel des Artistes, #616 (Compass)

14 East 75th Street, #5E (Compass)

22 Bond, #34 (Corcoran Group)

111 West 57th Street, #35 (Corcoran Group)

Central Park Tower, #107 (Douglas Elliman Real Estate)
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