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A sampling of the amenities we expect to see much more of in 2020 A sampling of the amenities we expect to see much more of in 2020
The great amenities race in luxury real estate has been heating up for years. As residential buildings are becoming more opulent and dedicated to catering to residents’ every need, and as the market tightens, developers have been trying to outdo one another above and beyond the individual units themselves to the entire lifestyle a building offers. Gyms, outdoor spaces and children’s rooms were big in the past. What will come in the future? CityRealty rounded up nine burgeoning trends to expect more of in 2020.

Meditation Studios

215-East-19th-Street-1 Rendering of MNDFL studio via VUW
It is well known that meditation reduces stress, improves sleep and leads to an overall better quality of life. Gramercy Square, a luxury development in the heart of Gramercy Park, offers a branded MNDFL meditation studio for private sessions exclusively offered to residents. Not just for adults, a Mini MNDFL series will also be available to children to help improve their focus and balance their moods.
215-West-19th-Street-1 The Tower at Gramercy Square via Douglas Elliman
20-Pine-Street-1 20 Pine Street via A&I Broadway

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Swimming pool in the Gramercy Club curated by La Palestra
215-East-19th-Street-2 Pool at Gramercy Square, programmed by Lighting Science (VUW)
Beyond meditation, the MNDFL-designed meditation room and amenity spaces at Gramercy Square will be the home to Lighting Science’s first commercial installation of their latest lighting technology to be released, the Good Day&Night Downlight. The new downlight is a comprehensive solution that enables optimal daytime alertness, while also enhancing nighttime sleep. Based on technology developed in collaboration with NASA to support the natural circadian rhythms of astronauts, the Good Day&Night® solution enables users to easily change between focus-enhancing and sleep-enhancing spectrums.
212-West-18th-Street-1 Walker Tower via Compass
111-West-67th-Street-1 Park Millennium via Sotheby's

Hammam Spas

49-Chambers-Street-1 Hammam spa at 49 Chambers Street via Williams New York
These ancient Turkish baths are on the rise in Manhattan’s luxury real estate market. Hammam spas include four stages, all with different types and water and air temperatures. Traditionally, the process begins in the sauna as the dry, hot air is meant to promote relaxation. Following this is an even hotter steam room with cold water pools where an attendant will then exfoliate and scrub with an ancient cleansing soap and rough mitt called a kessa. The ritual ends with cooling off in another relaxation room. Keeping with their tradition, developers of hip new downtown buildings have embraced a contemporary take on this relaxing escape.
49-Chambers-Street-1 49 Chambers Street via Douglas Elliman
111-Murray-Street-1 111 Murray Street via The Corcoran Group

Infrared Sauna

Recent studies show that infrared saunas pump out a radiant heat that penetrates skin more effectively than their traditional counterparts and bring more intense sweating. This in turn releases more toxins and regulates the stress hormone cortisol. Holistic interior designer Clodagh took this information to Citizen360, a modern take on Upper East Side living designed by SHoP Architects. The amenities suite is spread over two floors and features an infrared sauna.

Much further downtown, the nearly completed 40 Bleecker Street will also offer an infrared sauna. This is among the wellness offerings offered by retail tenant Clean Market, which also goes to the other extreme with cryotherapy treatments. However, residents can arrange in-home IV therapy drips for hangover help, relaxation, and immunity boosts.
360-East-89th-Street-1 Citizen360 via The Corcoran Group
40-Bleecker-Street-1 40 Bleecker Street via Douglas Elliman

IMAX Theater

Many buildings have theaters or screening rooms, but IMAX takes viewing to a multidimensional experience. 130 William, as designed by Sir David Adjaye, is one of the only residential buildings in New York City that has a private IMAX theater to provide exceptional viewing experiences.
520 West 28th Street The IMAX theater at the Sir David Adjaye-designed condo rising at 130 William (Corcoran)
130-William-Street-1 130 William via The Corcoran Group

Automated Parking

565-Broome-Street-1 Gated driveway and entrance to 565 Broome Soho via Renzo Piano
565 Broome SoHo, designed by Pritzker Prize laureate Renzo Piano, features 40 parking spots that are all equipped with a full capacity charging station. The private gated driveway and entrance with the latest in automated parking ensures that vehicles are carefully handled by only the robotic parking solution - meaning that no one other than the owner will ever come in contact with the car. The decision to design an above-ground car vault was another important factor so collectors will have comfort in knowing that their prized vehicles will remain dust-free and safe from damage due to flooding. Another benefit of the parking amenity at 565 Broome SoHo is that it allows for larger-sized SUVs.
565-Broome-Street-1 565 Broome Soho via Douglas Elliman
76-Schermerhorn-Street-1 The Symon via Compass

Kids' Concierge

One-Manhattan-Square-04 Children's playroom at One West End (Silverstein/Elad)
Beyond simply a children’s room, One West End, a new development on West End Avenue and 59th Street, has a kids' concierge included in the programming. Its many capabilities range from organizing daily programs, monthly events, and customizable themed parties to playdates, matching tutors and babysitters, and so much more. One of the main goals of the concierge is to incorporate wellness into the lives of the children living within the building, whether that be through healthy cooking programs, yoga and dance classes, or a new program called FIT KIDS by P. FIT KIDS, the combination of education, imagination, fitness, and wellness. This program focuses on the re-enactment of characters in story books, which enhances both fine and gross motor skills for toddlers, as well as cognitive skills via role playing.
1-West-End-Avenue-1 One West End via Cantor-Pecorella

Multiple Private Gardens

252-South-Street-1 Elevated courtyard at One Manhattan Square via West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architects
Extell Development Company engaged West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architects, named 2017’s most innovative architecture firm by Fast Company, to create the largest private outdoor gardens in New York City at its brand new residential tower, One Manhattan Square. One Manhattan Square features over 45,000 square feet of lush landscaped areas, situated on two waterfront acres in the Lower East Side. Drawing inspiration from squares, parks and urban sanctuaries around the world, West 8 designed an abundance of meaningful spaces for residents to relax, work, socialize and play.

Technology-Enabled Homes

685 First Avenue (Solow)
And last but never least, there will be many more higher tech homes.

The luxury condominium One United Nations Park is the first fully automated condominium in New York City. The striking black glass building features a custom system designed by the inventor of automation technology, Crestron, and acclaimed automation designer Osbee that enables it to provide the most seamless living experience possible. It is being delivered beyond pre-wired to enable each buyer to control the lighting, temperature, shades (which come with every home), audio (Sonos, Spotify, etc.) and visual (TV, etc.) from one single app on his or her phone and or verbally through Alexa. Beyond the single app control, the automation system will enable residents to create custom 'scenes', such as 'Party', 'Sleep' or 'Wellness' that can be programmed to occur routinely, or when desired. These scenes include pre-programmed music, lighting, temperature and more. For example, you can set a “morning” wake up scene - where the shades gradually rise, the temp in your room begins to warm, lights flicker on and your favorite song begins to play. All of this is preset and scheduled for the simplest living experience. Life has never been so simple.
50-Bridge-Park-Drive-1 Stylish, seamless living at Quay Tower via Douglas Elliman
Quay Tower, located on the waterfront at Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the first condominium in Brooklyn to team up with Amazon and offer an Alexa smart home experience. Each of the 126 units in this luxury condominium will be fully equipped with an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and compatible smart home technology including Nest thermostats and Lutron Caseta lamp dimmers. Quay residents will be able to listen to the daily news, switch on the lights, control the shades, play their favorite tune and more just by using their voice. Through this strategic collaboration with Amazon, buyers also enjoy the convenience of working with a designated Amazon concierge who will help set up the Alexa and compatible devices prior to move-in and deliver a seamless smart home experience upon arrival. This integrated home automation makes life easy for residents so all they have to worry about is taking in stunning skyline and river views.
510-East-14th-Street-1 EVGB living room with Echo Dot via Extell
695-First-Avenue-1 One United Nations Park via The Corcoran Group
50-Bridge-Park-Drive-1 Quay Tower via Douglas Elliman

The demand for high-tech homes is not limited to the condo market: At the Stuyvesant Town rental EVGB, each residence is equipped with an Echo Dot that notifies residents with updates on their packages and dry-cleaning, and receives and submits inquiries for any apartment repairs. The building has been a hot spot for tech employees and executives as a result.
Related Companies has partnered and made a strategic investment in Starry, Inc., a Boston-based technology company pioneering the use of millimeter waves to deploy fixed 5G wireless last-mile gigabit broadband. Together they will offer Internet service across Related’s national portfolio of rental properties, as well as in New York City. Starry is extremely fast 5G internet, 200 mbps and uses millimeter wave connections which work over shorter distances. The service includes the Starry Station a home WiFi Hub that is technologically advanced. It basically is an interactive device showing you what and who is using the Internet, allows you to limit screen time (i.e. for kids), and offers customer support through the device itself via phone, e-mail or chat. Interesting to note Starry is just Internet service, so they eliminate bundles/long term contracts/hardware which makes for expensive additional fees.
Related has also collaborated with tech company Hello Alfred to create a customized new platform called Life Simplified to offer renters in their luxury buildings an on-demand home manager/personal assistant to take care of daily errands. The service is available via an app,and the managers do everything from making beds, household cleaning, order and stock groceries, pick up dry cleaning and hang it in closets. They also can pack up your old apartment and arrange move-in to another Related building, and organize parties or large scale events. Related is making Life Simplified part of a renter’s amenity package and is rolling out the service nationally.
Hello-Alfred-Related Companies Hello Alfred service (Courtesy of Related Companies)
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