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From Iconic Addresses The Trump Report
By CityRealty Staff Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Does Trump’s Reputation Impact Trump Real Estate?
There has been much speculation amidst Donald Trump’s controversial presidency about how Trump’s run for the White House and his subsequent year in office have affected the buildings bearing his name. CityRealty has taken a look at each Trump-branded condo in Manhattan to examine whether those properties—and the Trump portfolio as a whole—can be considered good investments in 2018.
Last year marked the first year that prices at all Trump condos dipped below average prices for all other Manhattan condos, clearly indicating that the brand as a whole has lost some luster over the past year. In addition, although Trump-branded buildings have always been marketed as luxury properties, average prices in Trump condos have generally been well below average luxury prices in Manhattan over the past several years.

In this report, CityRealty examines each Trump condo separately, weighing factors that include the number of sales it has seen every year; its location; and the performance of similar condos in the area.
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By assigning each building a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, CityRealty has determined that at this point in Trump’s presidency, Trump condos represent a middle-of-the-road investment in Manhattan, with a CityRealty Investment Rating of 5/10.
Building-By-Building Analysis
CityRealty Rating: 9/10
CityRealty Rating: 7/10
CityRealty Rating: 6/10
CityRealty Rating: 6/10
CityRealty Rating: 5/10
CityRealty Rating: 5/10
CityRealty Rating: 4/10
CityRealty Rating: 4/10
CityRealty Rating: 4/10
CityRealty Rating: 3/10
CityRealty Rating: 2/10
Does it Matter?
While Trump-branded condos in Manhattan have traditionally been marketed as luxury properties, the prices most Trump condos are now selling for no longer merit the luxury designation. In part, this is simply a function of the age of the buildings and reflects a market that has been filled with other luxury apartments, selling for higher prices, over the past decade. However, it is also the case that the average price of condos in many Trump-branded buildings is below the average prices for all other Manhattan condos.

Did Donald Trump’s campaign and subsequent year in the White House have an effect on prices in buildings that bear his name? Considering each building individually, there does appear to have been a discernible effect, with prices trending downward in most Trump-branded buildings over the past year.
Through CityRealty’s Investment Rating system, Trump-branded condos, on aggregate, are currently classified as middle-of-the-road investments in the wider world of the Manhattan condo market. While it is difficult to predict what the future holds for these buildings, continued churn, controversy and unique circumstances—such as a lawsuit to remove the Trump name from 200 Riverside Boulevard, the presence of the Secret Service at Trump Tower, and protests outside Trump International—do not bode well for prices over the next year.

Thus, investors considering purchasing Manhattan property should not consider Trump-branded buildings interchangeable, but should examine each building individually and make a decision accordingly.
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