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As the days get colder, getting out of a warm bed and stepping on to a cold floor can feel like adding insult to injury. This is where radiant floor heating comes in. This system is most commonly found in bathrooms, and heats the floor directly rather than the air in the room. Not only does this feel pleasant under one's feet, but it also acts as a quiet, low-maintenance, hypoallergenic solution to heating a small space.

There are two types of radiant heated flooring systems. Hydronic systems rely on pipes that run are heated by a boiler, and are far more likely to be found in single-family homes. Apartments are more likely to incorporate electric systems that use heating wires or heating mats underneath the flooring.

Installing radiant floor heating from scratch can be a challenging process. Industry leader Warmly Yours notes that in addition to installing the system, the existing flooring needs to be replaced with materials that are better suited to conducting heat. Additionally, the installation will raise the height of the floor by about an inch, meaning existing doors may not clear it anymore. Finally, there is not yet enough data on how much radiant heated floors add to property values, so sellers might be okay leaving this off their list of pre-listing renovations.

Radiant heated floors can feel like a luxury, and this feature can indeed be found in many of the city's new ultra-high-end developments. However, a number of boutique buildings have begun to incorporate radiant heated floors into their interiors. We take a look at listings throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City with radiant floor heating for under $2 million.

1226 Saint Marks Avenue, #3B (Corcoran Group)

The Candle Factory, #3E (Compass Greater NY LLC)

151 East 83rd Street, #1B (Compass)

17 Convent Avenue, #31 (Douglas Elliman Real Estate)

1129 Halsey Street, #2 (Serhant LLC)


West Village Houses, #GB (Douglas Elliman Real Estate)

Huxley, #201 (Serhant LLC)

The Anable, #3D (Modern Spaces)

98 Front Street, #5M (Triumph Property Group Ltd)

One Wall Street, #731 (Compass)

Lexi Condos, #7D (Serhant LLC)

The Beaucaire, #3G (Compass)

The Beekman Residences, #26C (Realmart Realty LLC)

49 Chambers Street, #8F (Corcoran Group)

427 East 90th Street, #2B (Corcoran Group)

611 West 56th Street, #5A (Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group)

530 Park Avenue, #6F (Classic Marketing LLC)
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