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View from The Modern pool at Fort Lee via SJP Residential Properties View from The Modern pool at Fort Lee via SJP Residential Properties
Now that the weather (Finally! At long last!) is warming up, New Yorkers will want to spend more time enjoying the fresh air. However, some of the best Manhattan skyline views can be seen from across the river: A new crop of Jersey City rentals has been designed to include outdoor space that rises above the streets and looks out on panoramic skyline views. Truly fortunate residents can admire the views while doing laps or sunning themselves on their pool deck.
Lenox, 207 Van Vorst Street
207-Van-Vorst-Street-1 All images of Lenox via Bozzuto Management
207-Van-Vorst-Street-2 Living room
207-Van-Vorst-Street-3 Bedroom
207-Van-Vorst-Street-4 Lounge
The roof decks, outdoor pool, barbecue and lounge stations, and stunning city views are reason enough to move into Lenox. In case you need more, the building offers apartments with open layouts and expansive windows, as well as high-end amenities targeting a young, tech-savvy crowd. Its location near two PATH stations and a light rail makes for a convenient commute to Manhattan.
Ellipse, 25 Park Lane South
25-Park-Lane-South-1 All images of Ellipse via Newport Leasing
25-Park-Lane-South-2 Living room
25-Park-Lane-South-3 Balcony
25-Park-Lane-South-4 Terrace
The 42-story Ellipse is topped off with an expansive pool deck overlooking the Hudson River offering barbecue stations, lounge areas, and jaw-dropping views of Lower Manhattan. Inside, the apartments, lounge, and fitness center also make the most of the city views.
Jersey City Urby, 200 Greene Street
200-Greene-Street-1 All images of Jersey City Urby via Ironstate Development Company
200-Greene-Street-2 Living room
200-Greene-Street-3 Communal kitchen
200-Greene-Street-4 Pocket park
At this standard-setting, 69-story tower, outdoor amenities include a heated pool and deck, lounge areas with fire pits and barbecues, and several green spaces. Indoor perks include thoughtfully designed apartments and high-quality community space.
M2 at Marbella, 401 Washington Street
401-Washington-Street-1 All images of M2 at Marbella via Roseland Residential
401-Washington-Street-2 Living room
401-Washington-Street-3 Fitness center
401-Washington-Street-4 Terrace
Minutes from Manhattan, homes at M2 at Marbella offer stunning views, excellent attention to detail, and incredible lifestyle amenity offerings. The crowning glory is a 39th-floor penthouse sky deck with a swimming pool and sky lounge overlooking Manhattan skyline views.
50 Columbus, 50 Christopher Columbus Drive
50-Christopher-Columbus-Drive-1 All images of 50 Columbus via Allied Property Company
50-Christopher-Columbus-Drive-2 Living room
50-Christopher-Columbus-Drive-3 Game room
The heated pool and deck at 50 Columbus are ideal for exercising, socializing, and relaxing. The building's offerings also include apartments designed by Andres Escobar, a basketball court, game room, lounge, and on-site parking.
Journal Squared, 615 Pavonia Avenue
615-Pavonia-Avenue-1 All images of Journal Squared via KRE Group
615-Pavonia-Avenue-2 Kitchen
615-Pavonia-Avenue-3 Sky lounge
615-Pavonia-Avenue-4 City views
Journal Squared prides itself on building a community and bringing residents together; where better to do that than the rooftop pool overlooking the Manhattan skyline? In inclement weather, there's always the sky lounge, fitness center, and screening room.
Liberty Towers, 33 Hudson Street
33-Hudson-Street-1 All images of Liberty Towers via Bozzuto Management
33-Hudson-Street-2 Bedroom
33-Hudson-Street-3 Fitness center
In any setting, uninterrupted views of the Manhattan skyline can't help but inspire a person. In the 37-story Liberty Towers, they get residents out of bed, keep workouts interesting, and offer quite a backdrop for the rooftop pool and lounge area.
70 Greene Street
70-Greene-Street-1 All images of 70 Greene Street via Equity Residential
70-Greene-Street-2 Living room
70-Greene-Street-3 Views as seen from 70 Greene Street
70-Greene-Street-4 Outdoor terrace
70 Greene Street's location on Jersey City's waterfront makes for a great community, convenient transportation access, and stunning New York skyline views. The amenities, which include an outdoor pool and hot tub, provide everything residents need to thrive in the building.
Monaco, 475 Washington Boulevard
475-Washington-Boulevard-1 All images of Monaco via Roseland Residential
475-Washington-Boulevard-2 Apartment interiors
475-Washington-Boulevard-3 Dog run
Amenities at the 50-story Monaco include a rooftop pool and hot tub, health club, business center, party room, screening room, conference room, and playroom. Furry friends are not forgotten; the building also has a dog run and grooming station.
Trump Bay Street, 65 Bay Street
65-Bay-Street-1 All images of Trump Bay Street via Trump Bay Street Leasing Office
65-Bay-Street-2 Living room
65-Bay-Street-3 Party room
At 50 stories high, it's no wonder almost every apartment and amenity in this building offers amazing skyline and river views. No expense was spared to make apartment life feel more like that of a luxury hotel.

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